Colpitts Renovations
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When can you start my renovation?
The type of renovation and the resources required will dictate the length and start time of the project. Once you have discussed your renovation with our Project Coordinator he will be able to give you an approximate start and finish date for the project.

How can I get a price for my renovation?
Simple! You can use any of the following options to contact our Project Coordinator and receive an estimate for your renovation project, free of charge: Visit our Contact Us page, Request A Quote, or visit our office at 830 Hanwell Road, Fredericton.

What can I expect throughout the renovation process?
We aim to keep the renovation process as quick and stress-free as possible. However, we’ve learned over the years that despite our best efforts, changes and delays are something that we occasionally have to deal with. That said, our Coordinator keeps our clients up-to-date on any and all aspects of the project, including changes or delays, and will let you know of any necessary adjustments as soon as possible. In most cases, there will be some dust and noise to be expected so we always ask that our clients be as patient as possible with our team on site and let our Foreman or Coordinator know if they have any concerns.

Our Coordinator and Foreman will be doing regular walk-through to ensure every aspect of the renovation is as it should be and a final walkthrough with the client is required before any project is marked as complete.

Is there a warranty on renovations?
Warranty coverage varies depending on the scope of work. Our Project Coordinator will let you what type of coverage is offered for your particular project.

Do you have insurance for the worksite?
All of our worksites are covered under the same builders insurance and WorkSafe protection that we carry on new construction projects.
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